Thursday, May 15, 2014

Take Five

Band: Jonsi and Alex

Song Title: Happiness

Robbie Robot set for 5 min.


What a beautiful day.  Not a sunny, birds chirping kind of day, but a dark, heavy rain, relaxing kind of day.  Sometimes a nice heavy rain and distant thunder are just what my soul needs.

Alethia and Cai just finished preschool.  I won't be doing school with Jude for at least a year so I get to hang up my homeschool hat for a short season.  It's kind of nice not to have school hanging over my head every day.

We have added some nice touches around the house.  I found an old crate in my parents barn and Josh hung it on the front porch for me as a swing for Mother's day.  I LOVE it!  Now I just need to figure out how to make a cushion for it...that's going to be my weekend project I think.

Rainy and Zeke have been battling poison ivy all week long!  I'm ready for that to be out of their systems.

Our friend John, finished our shed yesterday.  It is the NICEST thing we own right now!  That man knows how to build!  It is BEAUTIFUL and SPACIOUS!

Our fire pit area is coming along rather nicely.  Our hammock came yesterday so we'll get to hang that this weekend too, along with some Christmas lights.  We have LOTS of spaces to get away and reflect or "cozy couch" the crazies out.

Josh made me go to the eye Dr. for Mother's Day.  I hadn't had an eye exam in YEARS and my eye glasses were inflicting pain on my face.  No more my friends!  I now have a working pair of glasses for my nightlife activities.  It really is the little things...


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