Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Something About The Way

something about the way...

he sits on his bootie and scoots backwards by pushing his heel against the floor

he carefully lines up his cars along any long surface, just like his older brothers did

he runs and then upon reaching his destination he double-foot jumps to a stop

he screams "DADDY!!!!!" as soon as the kitchen door opens, even when the separation was only long enough for Josh to take the trash out

he makes the smooching sound at night in his crib begging for just one.more.kiss goodnight

he talks

he copies everything, EVERYthing they say

he beckons us to come and play with him..."uh-mon. uh-mon.", while tugging our hand in the direction he wants us to go

he runs

he sneaks the potatoes out of the basket under the kitchen island and then I find them in the most precarious places, like the little basket behind the tricycle

he calls for me when it's family devotion time to "uh-mon mommy. boot. boot." to go in the reading nook in his room (to keep him occupied so daddy can actually communicate to the olders) to read books. Every night he pulls out the same handful of books and on every page points out the same things. Every night.

he persuades me to stop everything because he pats the couch cushion beside where he is sitting

the whole family rejoices over every new milestone, large or small

he dances around to his own songs

his siblings care for him like he is their little baby

he makes up his own little games and insists on everyone else joining in on the fun

he makes a drum out of any object

he gives comfort to his siblings when they "cie".  He doesn't like to see them cry but he knows that a gentle rub on the back and a cheek kiss can go a long way

he snuggles
knowing he is my last

I can't help but soak him in
every, cute, rotten bit of him
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