Monday, May 12, 2014

A Lemon Day Doesn't Have To Be So Bad

My alarm went off at 6am.
I jumped out of bed and put my jogging clothes on.
It felt amazing outside!
I got my 10k in with plenty of time to get a quick shower and spend adequate time preparing my heart for the day before getting the kids up for school.


And then I rolled over and looked at my clock...8:12.

Good grief, why didn't I get up when I had planned on getting up?

Well, it was a good plan anyway.

The morning continued to pull itself together in a less-than stellar way.

Alethia was still complaining about her ear, and now the other one was hurting...which meant that I needed to go to Dr. Joe.

Zeke's poison ivy from his adventures in the woods behind the baseball field was spreading to very, ahem, "uncomfortable" places so we weren't shocked to get a call from the school to come pick him up.  They needed a Dr. note saying that he, in fact, had poison ivy and it wasn't contagious.

Josh gets to leisurely go in on Monday mornings so he graciously allowed me to get a quick 5k in before heading to Zeke's appointment.

We ran our errands and made it back home.

The rest of the morning was spent picking up the pieces from a fun weekend and a low-key Mother's Day at home (my baby knows me so well!), and answering the "mommy" calls from 3 littles every 20 seconds (I'm not kidding!).

Sometimes we wake up feeling behind from the time we get out of bed.  Sometimes it is because we had such a great evening with our husbands that we didn't want to go to bed.  Sometimes it's because we are just too plain tired to get out of bed.  Sometimes it's because our alarm didn't go off.

But one thing I've learned, my life is what I make of the lemons that have been given to me that day.

What makes my life "blessed" isn't the number of kids I have or the possessions I have received, it is the freedom found in embracing the life my Great God has given me...even on the lemon days.
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