Monday, April 14, 2014

Remember When... (34 memories for 34 years)

Remember when...

you used to woo me with your foot massages?

we could literally ride in the car together for hours and not say a word?

we had our DTR and it lasted a full 2 min. and my reply to "so what do you think about our relationship" was, "well, I like what we've got", and then we went in our separate tents to go to sleep?

I gave you that hideous plaid hoodie for our first Christmas?

we ate in silence and just stared at each other during our first date at Monterey's?

I was so terrified of the terrorists right after 911 that you held me in your arms that night until my panic attack went away?

you made that huge sign that said "I like you Tasha Litke" and taped it on the wall right outside my class in college and I was mortified?!

I pretended to get crushed in the mosh pit at the MXPX show so you could "protect" me?

I had  my car accident and you badgered the town to cut down the "historic tree" outside my duplex?

we communicated through email while you lived in Uganda and I was missing you so terribly in Greenville?

we went out on the boat for a date and you jumped out to tie it to the dock and I fell in the water? And then you asked if I could just go ahead and swim out to grab the boat since I was already in the water?

we had to wipe down your dash with RainX WHILE trying to drive Iggie with no power steering?

you got me up at an obscene hour to watch the sunrise and we drove to the peaks.  I refused to hold your hand because I just wanted to be in bed asleep...but then you proposed?!

we used to get up religiously at 5am to get a workout in before we headed our separate ways for work?

we snuck into Furman to watch the fireworks for our 1st 4th of July?

we jogged to Blockbuster to rent movies?

we lived in our little apt. in Greenville and we could hear that obnoxious lady blowing her nose and closing her kitchen cabinets through the walls?

you dressed up like Buzz lightyear for little Ben's birthday?

you called the firetrucks on the fire behind our seminary town homes?

we had our late night dinners after working security for that odd shift?

playing racquet ball at seminary (and kicking my butt!)?

we first found out we were pregnant with Rainy and went to "play golf"?

remember when I killed the grass because of the kiddie pool like a week before moving out of our seminary apt. and we scrambled to find the quickest growing grass seed we could find so we could get our deposit back?

we used to sit outside on our back porch, drink coffee and play games in seminary?

you were the associate pastor/ missions pastor/ worship pastor and youth pastor all at the same time?

we used to take Rainy and Zeke to the school park on Sunday nights after church in Charlotte?

you agreed to let me paint our bedroom purple?

it took HOURS to put up those stupid IKEA mirrors?

we sat at our kitchen table in Charlotte after being there a few short months, and finally decided to launch our own ministry?

we lived in Charlotte and we kept running into that guy with the bright red hair? He would show up in the most random places EVERYWHERE?

you always used to find a household project to do while trying to get out the door for a gig?

we lived on support and saw the Lord provide for us EVERY MONTH, even when the numbers made no sense on paper?

we used to be able to spend our vacations reading and laying out for hours in the sunshine?

I moved your home office to the kitchen?

I'd fall in love with you all over again, but I'm quite enjoying growing old with you!
Happy Birthday!
Thanks for being MINE:)
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