Friday, April 11, 2014

Story Time With Jude

Before any proper reading can occur
"bubby. pee pet. cubo." (ie-bubby, pillow pet and covers) must all be located and placed just so

Me:"A furry guy wants to take a bath"

Me:"then he throws cloths and smells the yellow one"

Me:"then he takes a bath and...yes it's a froggy"

Me:"...and then he...yup bear and..."

Me:"...then they had family hugs and..."
Jude:"ah dun. bye-bye!"

Me:"Oh you want the snail book! I love this one"
"the snail had a friend..."
Jude:"look, look! bunny!"
Me:"yes, bunny and...oh ok..."

Me:"and the snail had googly eyes and a..."

Jude:"no, no!"
Me:"Yup, the puppy has a nose..."

Jude:"no mo. k. bye bye."

Me:"There once was a little girl who was sitting down to eat..."

"...and then she saw a cat..."

"and she got some clothes on."

Jude:"ah-done. bye bye"
Me:"uh ok. mommy's gonna take a break from books for a little bit."
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