Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Take 5

Band:  Metaform

Song Title:  Letters To The Void

Robbie Robot set for 5 min...


Five minutes. It's all mine.  But then again, when you have kids, NOTHING is all yours.

Our shed practically got blown over a few weeks ago in one of those crazy wind storms.  I decided to call insurance about it and they are covering the removal AND replacement of it.  WHAT?!  How awesome is that!

I was a little giddy as I set my timer for 3:30am to get up and watch the blood moon last night.  I knew it was going to be overcast but I was hoping to see something.  In fact, Zeke learned about it in school and wanted to get up and see it too.  So when the time came around we crawled out of bed and saw the most beautifully deep red tinted sky.  The moon was tucked far into the clouds so we couldn't see it but the sky proclaimed its brilliance anyway:-)

This is Holy Week.  This year has been a little different.  Usually we do little activities throughout the week to signify different events, but this year we are watching the book of John.  We are spreading it out to finish on Saturday.  The kids have been enthralled by the real-life picture of those actual events!  Their faces...

Timer off...

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