Thursday, April 24, 2014

Never Miss A Monday

One day while perusing Pinterest I came across a quote.  I couldn't even remember what they all were...except for one of them that kept circulating in my mind during those unmotivated days moments: "Never Miss a Monday!"
actually, these could ALL apply here!

And holy cow, if that hasn't rocked my very being.

And now you are like, "um, that's it?".

To which I would reply, "um, YES."

Because I'm an all or nothing girl, and if I miss a day of something, especially at the beginning, then I tend to rationalize or make excuses to not do it until another "beginning" comes around.

But, if I make myself do it on Monday I am way more likely to stay consistent at it the rest of the week!

If I make myself get that workout in on Monday
pack the healthy lunches for the kids
start a load of laundry
begin the project
start that organizing regiment
get up on time for adequate time with the Lord...

It changes EVERYTHING!

I tend to be more consistent in EVERY area of my life, if I just make it through that Monday.

Never miss a Monday ~ my new mantra, even on those Holy Hangover Mondays!

I will most definitely want to fall into bed with the kids at 8 but I'll be much more likely to get going quicker on that Tuesday.
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