Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Transformation ~ a little space put to good use

I don't even have the BEFORE before pictures!

When we first moved in, this space was pretty nasty.
old musty blankets
fragments of grossness
cob webby (yes I'm making this a word today!)

We cleaned it out REALLY well and then the closet and storage space became
our instrument domain containing amps, guitars, Alesis keyboards, cords and merch.

After unpacking to load it all up in the car for a gig the kids found the door and began BEGGING to play in it.

This got josh's creative juices going and it was later made into what is now known as "the secret hideout".  (It doubles as the perfect tornado escape as well which we have used on MORE than one occasion.  

We found new homes for all our ministry "stuff"
(check out how little Rainy and Zeke were!)

found fragments of carpet that Josh stapled to insulate it a little bit

 it was nothing short of pure awesomeness in their minds

but with the growing amount of superhero paraphernalia and "car-cars" we needed a place for them to call home (especially with Jude taking naps in the boys room which used to have all their toys in it, which lead to a very frustrated other little boy who couldn't get any of his toys...and we'd hate for this to plant seeds of bitterness and resentment in the future, ha!)

So, I did what I always do and I went "shopping" in my parents barn and around our own house for extra storage ideas and solutions and voala!

I used some extra paint from the other rooms in the house
took the door off
placed an extra panel curtain on the coat rod
the top basket houses all our winter gloves, hats and scarves

I hung nails on the right side to hang all the superhero houses and caves

The left side is our artillery bunker;)

and, BTW,
it ALWAYS looks this nice and clean.
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