Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Transformation ~ of the wood paneling(ed) living room variety


I could only find pictures from a couple of Christmas's ago:)

an entire month full of:

catching spare minutes in the afternoons or a free hour or two after the Colony is in bed
a lot of sanding
multiple canisters of caulk
priming a couple of times
filling in a butt-load of holes
prying out old staples from who knows what
cleaning up after every ounce of free time we actually get to work on the project
only to have to set it all back up when we grab another few minutes
a few mishaps between wet paint and curious colony kid palms
a couple of final coats
more trips to Lowe's than I'd like to admit

and we finally have...

I'd like you to take note of a few things in the photos
just to prove that I am not here for bragging rights

1 - the 2 dead plants on the fireplace
I can't even keep a couple of herb plants alive, ha!

2 - the basket of toys behind the couch
because I couldn't find a single minute with a mess-free living room
where there wasn't at least a basket-full of toys or kids:)

...or BOTH!
and this particular day they were actually playing sweetly TOGETHER:)
and I'll take that over a mess-free house ANY day!

We actually had to pay money to make this room transition,
but you better believe we made those Christmas gift cards go as long as they could:)
We had the painting supplies so we just needed the sand paper, paint, primer and caulk.

We chose the paint color "wet cement" from the Valspar collection at Lowe's

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