Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Take 5

Band: London Grammar
Song Title: Strong

Timer on 5 minutes... GO!

I decided that sometimes I'm just going to write. Unedited. I'm not going to go back over it and read and reread it to make sure it is grammatically correct.  Or even if it makes sense. and of course no pictures or links.

It's just me, my music and 5 minutes of time:)

I just reminded my kids, again, to take their food outside.  I could care less if they carry around bags of crumbs and pretend like they are on their trip across the world to Uganda, but let's keep the little crumbs outside.

I went to Once Upon A Child today to see if I could get some money for Jude's old stroller.  It's a super nice one and in excellent condition, except for a little dime sized dirt spot, that I accidentally forgot to wipe off.  So of course, by the time I trek 3 of the colony members with me inside the store, first thing in the morning they decide that they "stain" made it unsellable.  I guess it's to Craigslist it will go.

Rainy was so keyed up after gymnastics last night, and the excitement of her field trip today, that she didn't pass out until Josh and I were snuggly in our own bed for the night.  That girl would talk all night long if I allowed it.

I've decided...

*Timer OFF*


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