Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some Of My Favorite Things

a clean kitchen floor that doesn't leave sticky stuff or crumbs on the bottoms of my feet

listening to the rain after the kids are sound asleep and I have nothing else better to do

listening to Jude badger Cai and Zeke from his crib in the mornings before it's time to get up

watching the's one of the things that Josh and I have decided is worth stopping everything for:)

smelling deep as I snuggle my kids right after a bath

the anticipation of a good storm

checking the mail

a meal that is already mentally planned out

a fresh smelling kid's bathroom

exhaustion after a long workout

sprawling out across my entire bed while Josh is away (I really do miss you while you are gone;)

listening to the hums and singing of Cai as he quietly plays with his cars

looking for "treasures" on the side of the road on a drive to through the country

the first 10 minutes after I've completely cleaned my house before the natives awake and mess it all up again (which I wouldn't trade for anything, BTW)

listening to my kids play together

reading a sweet, handwritten, thoughtful note from a friend or family member

reading an inspirational book that helps me be a better me

having my husband on the mission field.  Sure I miss him, but what a blessing to have a husband that hears, listens and obeys the voice of the Lord...

my 5 kids.  Yes, F.I.V.E.  Sometimes I surprise MYSELF when I say that I have 5 kids out loud.  Yes, I may feel crazy some days, but how incredibly full I feel...God gives me exactly what I need...

feeling my precious heavenly Father close...

Sometimes its just good to remind myself of all the good
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