Friday, March 28, 2014

Transformations From The Treasures In The Barn

An old workbench from my parents barn is now...
the perfect island in my kitchen!

a little sanding,
a LOT of cleaning
and a fresh coat of paint
is all this beauty needed:)

I also brought home 2 other treasures:
an old frame and a L-O-N-G piece of wood

I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I had to do it...

I just wiped it down
cut it to size
marked measurements with a sharpie and found a font to paint the numbers on.
Once it was all ready I transferred the kids measurements from our paper that was falling a part.
This bad boy isn't going anywhere!

Lastly, I placed the old frame, just like I found it, and framed in our world map.

TOTAL cost for these little eye candies = $0
Great conversations w/ my dad (as we did everything we could to get it all in the car without having to leave the kids behind, ha!) and spiderwebs were included for FREE!

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