Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Don't Go To Church

I don't go to church because I have life all figured out.
I don't go because I feel like I need to put on a mask and act like my family has it altogether.
I don't go because I never radiate negative energy.

I don't participate in the worship because I am holy and super spiritual.
I don't participate because I don't screw up any more.
I certainly don't participate to make myself look a certain way to other people.

You know why I DO go?
You know how I CAN go?

Because I am broken.
I am needy.
I DON'T have it all figured out.

Because He is safe.
He is dangerous.
He is gentle.
He is strong.

I go because I don't HAVE to put on a mask.
I go because His church is beautiful when it does what it is intended to do.

Besides, it's hard to BE the church if you are never WITH the church.
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