Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Free-For-All

It's Friday again.

It's another beautiful fall day (Just kidding, Jenn!  It really feels AWFUL! Don't believe a word I just wrote:)

For a girl that always has something to write about, I sure have had a time coming up with posts this week.  It's like my motivation and inspirations last long enough to give me an idea and then it vanishes into thin air.  And I'm a detail girl.  And when the details vanish so does the need to write about it.

Oh, the #FirstWorldProbz that I struggle through;)

Josh is sitting in the arm chair working on a session that he is teaching on building a worship team this afternoon.  I love him:)

Cai is piling all his superheroes into a dump truck and spilling them out over and over and over, while singing his superhero theme music.  I could listen to his cute little voice all day.

Alethia has asked me to dress (and undress) her polly pocket dolls over and over and over.  Playing contently in her own little world.

Jude is sleeping.  I love that he is reluctant to give up that early morning nap.

Rainy and Zeke only have a half-day today!

I think we'll play outside until the sun dips behind the horizon and we can't stand the cold anymore.

Even when my days are spent fighting the inner battles that plague me I see His favor on my life.

Through these little people.  Through this family.

God is good all the time.
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