Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Don't Wait Until You Can Afford It

"You'll never be able to AFFORD to have kids."

Ain't that the truth!

If you wait until all your "ducks are in a row" and you have adequate savings in place and your life plan laid out to begin a family, you will NEVER get started.

Sure, this is easier said than done, but it is truth and it has helped change our perspective at LEAST 5 times in our marriage;)

I've realized that this mentality can also be true in some other areas in life.

What if we waited until our marriage was perfect to help someone else save theirs.

What if we waited until our temper-tantrum prone toddler changed his heart to encourage an exhausted mom in the throws of toddler-hood.

What if we waited until our home was all fixed up and decorated just the way we wanted it, to implement the open-door policy you've always wanted to have (allowing other young couples, families, singles or homeless in those doors).

What if you waited until your anxiety tendencies disappeared to help someone else navigate through the onset of the anxiety tides coming in.

The things in your life that are difficult to get through can either make you crumble in defeat or make your God-fearing and God-trusting muscles grow.  And as you grow your muscles why don't you help someone else grow theirs.

We are not meant to do these muscle classes alone.

Don't wait until you can "afford" to be a light, a help, a servant, or a listening ear, because let's face it, that day may never come!

Think of someone God has placed in your life to help encourage and walk this journey WITH them.

<SIDE NOTE~Don't try to "fix" the situation and for the LOVE, please don't be a know-it-all either!  A listener can be more help than a doer in so many situations.>
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