Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Have Decided

I have decided that...

I do better when I don't have to run errands every day

going barefoot is best
flip flops are a close second

eating all 3 meals makes me a better mommy

yoga pants or running shorts and tank tops are my preferred clothing choice

books are way better if I can feel the pages
as opposed to looking at a screen

fake flowers last way longer in my house than the real ones

playgroups are highly overrated
especially if you have little ones who require interruptions every few words or so
making small talk impossible

being a house wife is pretty tough
being a mommy is tougher
being a good wife while continuing to be the best you can be at the other two...
well, that takes a lot of work!

my children must believe that "throw blankets" is a literal term

saying one thing and actually doing it are two entirely different things

music just sounds better when played through a record player

musicians are sexy...and I get to be married to the hottest one of all!

Saturday evenings, right after we get the kids in bed, has become my favorite time of the week
coffee, soft music, quietly preparing for Sunday morning

sunsets are more beautiful when shared with someone

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