Friday, May 31, 2013

In The Face Of Suffering - The "Why"

"Don't ever doubt God's love for you in the face of suffering!  Your suffering does not necessarily mean you are out of his will.  Christ was in the center of God's will - but he suffered more than we can imagine.  As we walk through suffering, we must always remember - as Jesus did - that the resurrection and the glory are on the other side."

"As I look back at the cross, the hardship of whatever Christ asks me to do pales in comparison.  We can embrace any suffering that Jesus asks us to bear with great courage if we remember God loves us and is using us to bring the light of the gospel to a dark world.  Our attitude must be the same as Christ's.  We must be willing to go anywhere and let go of anything for the sake of the gospel.  He gave us freedom, and now we must fight fearlessly for others.  Our motive must be the same as his - love.  Love for him.  Love for others."

~Aliene Thompson

When we start feeling as though we are suffering in vain and we can't figure out why God would give us such a load to carry, we need to remember that He gave His Son the greatest load to carry, and that in His love and through this suffering we will be refined as gold and shine, if we will only allow Him to work through us.
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