Saturday, June 8, 2013

Flash Centers

It takes our family a while to get used to anything new.  Even if that "new" is a good summer break.

We'd been having a less-than-par first few days with a lot of griping, whining and arguing, all from the kids of course;)

So, one rainy afternoon I decided to implement a little structure to help the day move along a little better.


I created 6 different centers.
Intentionally things they like to do but don't necessarily GET to do very often.
(does any other mom love creativity, but HATE cleaning up the aftermath?!)
I also intentionally had centers that they could do completely on their own.

I wrote each center on a note card and laid them upside down.
Turned on some "simmer" music.
They each drew a card.
I set the timer for 15 minutes and started it once everyone was in place.

When the timer went off they would do a quick clean-up of their area to get it ready for the next person.
Come back to the carpet and draw another center.

We did this for almost 2 HOURS ya'll!

Two solid hours of quiet, solitary play!

*I forgot to get a picture of the Nuudles center*

Play-Doh has been a big hit this summer so far
Arts and Crafts
there were NO boundaries here and every supply imaginable
Color Wonder
iPad learning games
learning manipulatives
This will definitely be a repeat activity during the summer break.  And I imagine we'll switch it up with different stations every time.
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