Monday, June 10, 2013

Only For A Time

It seems like only yesterday
my little glowworm was born Feb. 28, 2005
cradled in my arms
In her Africa outfit from Nonnie and G-daddy
3 months old

although she's always held her own
She's been little miss independent from the day she was born
8 months old
our home was where she'd run

but her sensitivity toward her family is something I'll cherish
1st day of preschool
but knowing that she's growing up

a princess she's become

and beauty from the inside out

her rebirth just begun
Rainy just gave her life to Jesus on May 28!
I've known from the beginning

she couldn't stay this close
I don't think we would have ever imagined how Uganda would take root in Rainy's heart
a daughter of the King she is

her life, His plans, my open hands
relinquished back to His
I said goodbye to my little girl yesterday.
Today she will board a plane to the other side of the world.
She's going to Uganda for 3 1/2 weeks
to encourage much-loved and missed missionaries
and minister to the people in the villages through medical clinics and sharing the gospel.
Our children are not our own.
They are the Lord's.
Given to us for a time.
Hold them tightly while they are close, 
but hold them loosely to allow them to freely follow the Lord,
wherever He leads.
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