Thursday, June 6, 2013

Do You Love It Enough To Go To Hell For It?

Everybody has their crap.

Some people's crap has outward consequences that EVERYONE else can see.
    addictions like sex, alcohol and drugs ~ pornography ~ impulsive behavior ~ lack of self control

Other people's crap is much more internal than others.
     criticism of others ~ internal judgements ~ pride ~ jealousy ~ fear ~ lust

But it's crap none-the-less.

Crap that separates us from our loving Father.
Crap that most often times separates us from our families and/or the ones we love the most.

We can find all the excuses in the world for why we simply cannot overcome the crap in our lives.  We can rationalize with the best of them.  But if these things stand in the way of a growing relationship with Christ, and the family we have been blessed with, is it not worth humbly laying it down at the feet of Jesus?

Something I read last night put it all in perspective for me.

This specific article is speaking about pornography, but it greatly applies to any sin that we are battling to give up.

Here is what Challies asks his readers:
"Do you love pornography enough to go to hell for it?"

Let's just keep going...
Do you love your feelings of entitlement and pride enough to go to hell for it?
Do you love money so much that you'd be willing to go to hell for it?
Do you love the fear you hide behind enough to go to hell for it?

To those friends of mine who are not Bible believers, or HELL believers for that matter, ask yourself if you are willing to give up your family for it?  Whatever is creating that barrier, is it not worth giving up for the sake of those relationships?
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