Thursday, May 30, 2013

Words Worth Remembering

Cai: "Mom, can I tickle my feet because it is itching me?"


Cai: "Can you put my jacket with sleeves on for me?"

Me: "But it's like 80 degrees outside and you're gonna get all hot and sweaty!"

Cai: "But I want to be sveaty."

Me: "Uh, okay."

*Putting on jacket and zipping it up for him*

Cai: "Am I gonna be sveaty yet?"


Me: "That was so sweet of Chase to give you money to give to Jesus.  Did you give it to Him yet?"

Cai: "No. I gonna give it to Journey and Journey will give it to Jesus. I don't know where him is."


Alethia: "I want that thing with the trash on it."

Yeah, no clue...


Rainy: "You know the stuff that's inside the thing?"

Again, I got nothin!


Cai: "Is Daddy home yet?"

Me: " No. He's still in Missouri."

Cai: "On the roof?"



Zeke (as Batman): "Robin, it's time to go! Let's go. To the Batmobile!"

Cai (as Robin): "Hold on, I have to say 'Holy Jumbo, Batman!' first."


Rainy (as the lifeguard): "Okay everybody. Just let me know if you're drowning, k."
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