Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So What If It Doesn't Happen

Sometimes my to-do list seems unbearable.  I find myself scurrying around, with a frantic air about me, as I snap at my children, oblivious to the sunshine and blessings all around me, all for the simple fact that I HAVE to get all these things done.

But why?

Is my completed to-do list really so important that it must define my day?

I mean really, so what if I don't finish Alethia's hair before rehearsal.  She is still alive and breathing, and everyone will get a kick out of the MC Hammer doo she gets to sport for an evening.

What if I don't get to the grocery store today.  What's one more night of a simple dinner made up of crescents, bacon and cheese that I still have in my refrigerator:)  (One of my favorites now, Kelly!)

What if the house doesn't get dusted.  Nobody is going to die in my house today just because I ran out of time to de-dustify my house.

What if we run a little late to the appointment.  It just means we are a little late, try not to make a habit out of it, and start the process of getting out the door a little earlier next time.

What if the kitchen dishes don't get cleaned or the laundry goes another day without washing.  It doesn't change a thing about the health or well-being of my family.  It doesn't mean I had an unproductive day.  It doesn't define me as a mom who just can't get it together.  And it most certainly doesn't mean that I can't just pick up a sponge and chip away at the never ending dishes piled up in the sink or swap a load of laundry, even though I still can't figure out how to get it to fold itself, ha!

What if I can't get that one kid out of pull-ups.  It means nothing except that we continue to encourage her progress and keep working at it.

This whole "get-it-done" concept even bleeds into other areas of my life.

For instance...Jude was happy and content in his new big boy bed.  For several weeks.  Enough that I felt confident enough to disinfect his pack-n-play and store it away until I can sell it at the consignment sale.  Only to be bombarded with a new fear of going to bed and separation anxiety by my sweet little ankle biter, resulting in a constant battle at bedtime, which brought the pack-n-play back down from the attic and into his room.  I can either get annoyed that my plan had been foiled and disrupted, and write it down as "another failure" in my mom book, or simply look at it in the view of eternity.  So what if he is back in his baby bed.  It doesn't mean that I failed as a mom.  It doesn't mean that he will be in a pack-n-play until he goes to college.  It doesn't mean anything, except that he is in a new season and needs something else right now.

If you view everything in the scope of eternity, and quietly whisper to yourself, "so what if _____ doesn't get done today", I promise you will feel the burden lifted and a new freedom to just rest in GOD's plan for your day, and not the mental list that makes you feel like you have worth and accomplishment for that day.

PS-I do NOT suggest adopting this mentality when it comes to paying bills or changing diapers;)
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