Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Words Worth Remembering

Cai:"Oohh, mommy, it's raining outside!"

Me:"No, it's just the breeze on a pretty day."

Cai:"Well, sometimes when I eat a big popsicle I get a bweeshe in my tummy."
(ie-brain freeze)


Cai:"Mommy, can I spwit dis bwownie up in my bowl so it makes more to eat?"


Cai:"Mom, I'm fwee."

Me:"Yes, you are three."

Cai:"No, I'm FWEE!"

Me:"Yes baby, you're THREE."

Cai:"No, 'FWEE' means I'm alive!"

Me:"Oooooh. OK. You're FRee.  And who made you free?"

Cai:"Alethia! Because I want her to."


Cai:"Dad, me and Alethia are having a bad day."


Cai:"Because Alehia's been hurting my life!"

Alethia:"But I said I was sorry!"


Cai:"Mom, where is that boo-boo I got last year on my foot? Because it hurts."
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