Friday, May 10, 2013

Happenings And Words Of Wisdom From Cai-bo

I'm sitting here with all the windows open and a warm breeze blowing through the house.  It is a wonderful day.

It is so nice to have some sunshine!

It is so nice to have a day with no agenda, free from all the demands of a typical week.

Jude is sleeping soundly in his big boy bed, which all of a sudden is more fun to climb out of this week than to sleep in:)

We finally finished Alethia's hair (my hands are VERY thankful for a break from twisting and turning).  We had to get done so she could go on a lunch date with her daddy.

I'm sitting with Cai on the floor while he makes car and train noises with spurts of intermittent superhero theme music while his shape puzzle carries on conversations with themselves.  I guess you just have to be here, ha!

He just told me that he no longer wants to stay yittle, but he wants "to stay big, like Rainy. Because he loves Rainy. But sometimes she is grumpy."

I am taking Areyna away for the night for a weekend of conversation about sex, periods, boys, peer pressure, and who knows what else.  Prayers are appreciated!  We are heading to a friend's farm and staying in a little trailer on their properties where we can enjoy the goats, pond and outdoors.  We are both super excited!

Cai just informed me that sometimes he is a little kid, but sometimes he is a teacher that teaches me how to do things, like put puzzles together.

I finished up preschool with Alethia and Cai this week.  What a great year it has been!  They are really catching on.  Alethia is a whiz in school and picks things up VERY quickly.  We still have another year of preschool before they both enter Kindergarten.  Because of their birthdays they will both be in the same grade:)  They will be treated like twins when they enter school and put in separate classes.  It will be good for them.  But for now I will soak up the time I have with them at home.  Besides, I'll be starting Jude shortly after they head out!

Apparently making lunch is what makes me a good mommy according to Cai.

Jude, oh Jude.  He is walking from room to room now!  Not much slows that boy down anymore.  He has conquered going UP stairs, down, not so much, and is FINALLY picking up his sign language during meal time.  He is getting increasingly opinionated and hard-headed (oh boy).  He totally laughs in my face when corrected and smiles when doing something wrong that he KNOWS he should not be doing.  I was really hoping to have a child that didn't possess that sinful heart that we were all born with.

"Zekey is a good brother to me.  But he is kind of grumpy too, but I take his toys and that's why he is grumpy." ~Cai

I don't have anymore updates on the progress of our house, but I did come up with a cool headboard idea.  I had gotten some cool wall stickers for Christmas and was just waiting to paint our room to put them up.  We finally got our room put back together and I found the perfect place for it!

"Mommy, we don't say rude words. We don't say 'I will beat you up', or 'that's not fair'. That's not nice." ~Cai

It's Friday.
It's sunny.
It's warm.
Have a GREAT weekend ya'll!
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