Saturday, March 16, 2013


A couple of weeks ago our church held their Refuel service.  Most of the time I am on stage with the band, but Josh and I decided that the kids didn't need another 2 nights in child care, so I took the night off.  Therefore, I had Rainy and Zeke with me throughout the service.

I was excited to have them with me.  I think it is so important for our kids to experience "big church" and see what goes on.

I want them to see others in worship.  I want them to learn the freedom of worship that took so long for me to learn.

I want them to see the life change made publicly through baptism.

I want them to see the communion table and ask questions.

And they did.

Josh came down to join us for this part of the service.  We knew Rainy and Zeke could only observe, but we wanted to include them, so we brought them up with us to get the cracker and the juice and file back to our seats.

Then Josh and I began explaining the sacremental elements to them.

I vividly remember my mom explaining it to me as a little girl.  I remember her wiping tears as she murmured quiet prayers to the Christ who was broken for her.  I would sit next to her, as she held my hand after praying with me, just watching her...

I never quite understood why she would cry over it.

Until now.
Now He is a real part of me.  He sacrificed for me.  He DIED for me.  And if I really let that sink in, I can't help but let it effect every part of me!

What a sweet time it was to share that moment with my kids, remembering that moment shared with my own mom.
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