Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Each year I like to give up something for the season of Lent.

A couple of years ago I gave up my computer for Holy Week.  Last year I gave up sleep, as in, I consistently got up at the same time every morning in order to have an extended quiet time in the mornings.

This year, almost a week into the Lent season I still hadn't decided what I wanted/needed to give up...until I was slapped in the face with it was brought to my attention that I MAY have a slight problem with reorganizing and rearranging the things/furniture in my house.

I mean, an honest to goodness problem!
So much so, that Josh has been having to hold me accountable when the "urge" to move something begins to well up within.


Anyway, I decided that day that this was exactly what I was going to give up for Lent.

Some of you may be reading this and wondering what in the world I've been smoking, and others of you are right there with me, right?!

But today, oh today, I've had the urge like none other.
But I was NOT going to give in.

I sat in the office and closed my eyes, mentally moving and rearranging furniture around until I decided that I needed to give my "sponsor" a call.

Josh picked up the phone and I quickly told him that I hadn't given in, but that my creative mind was whirling with new ideas that would make our home more practical and Colony friendly.

(For real though, rearranging has a way of making your home feel brand new, without even having to spend a penny!)

He patiently and quietly sat through my brainstorming process.

As soon as I was all done he said, "Ok. Um, alright. Now, maybe you could draw it all out so I can picture it better."

OK! I can do that!

I may be confined to renderings for now, but just you wait!
Easter is right around the corner:)
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