Thursday, January 10, 2013

Living Life Offended

There is nothing more difficult than being around someone who is easily offended.

You feel like you can never please them.

You feel as though you have to walk on eggshells around them, worried that the next thing that comes out of your mouth will be offensive to that person, whether it is rightly justified or not.

You know those people.
The ones who keep a laundry list of all the injustices that happen to/against them.
Even from years past.
The ones who view life as half empty.
The ones who always have excuses for the chip on their shoulder.
The ones who rationalize their negativity to the bad hand dealt to them.
And you better believe their hand is worse than anyone else's.

It is exhausting to be around.

Sometimes that person is me.
I can take things too seriously.
I can view my circumstances in a "poor me" or "that's not fair" mentality.
I keep records of wrong.
I temporarily forgive.

But that is not love.

Love is patient, not irritable with other's shortcomings.
Love is kind, not resentful.
It does not envy, but instead is thankful for the blessings bestowed on their own lives.
It does not boast, but is sensitive to other's and what they are going through.
It is not proud, but humble.
It does not dishonor others, but seeks to give them the benefit of the doubt.
It is not self-seeking, but seeks to put others needs above their own.
It is not easily angered, but strives to keep a soft heart toward others.
It keeps no record of wrongs, but offers grace, knowing that they have been offered never-ending grace.
It does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, even if it feels justified.
It always protects, never seeking to fight back.
It trusts, in faith.
Always hopes, in faith.
Always perseveres, even when life seems impossible and like everyone is out to get you.
Love never fails.

We need to stop living as though we deserve something!
As if the world is against us.
As if the only bad things happen to us.
As if things are just so unfair for us!

Let's shift our thinking.

We have been given grace abundantly.
Life is NOT fair!
Crap ALL of us.

Take a deep breathe.
Choose to let all that stuff go.
Choose to rest in Christ's love in order to overflow Christ's love and grace on other's.
God has allowed your hand to be dealt to you, and you can choose to blossom in it or drown in bitterness and blame.

Stop living life offended.
Instead, choose love.
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