Friday, January 11, 2013

A Year Gone By

We'd been writing "Letters To Alethia" for weeks.
Not knowing how all this was going to play out.
We'd gone from thinking that we may not ever see her again,
praying that somehow, someday, she would be with a loving family,
even if that loving family couldn't be ours,
to the realization that she would in fact, be placed with our family FOREVER!

I had butterflies in my stomach.

1:27pm couldn't get here quick enough.

We'd been counting down the days...

I feel like I drifted through the morning and early afternoon on a cloud.
It's all so fuzzy, yet all so clear.

We were greeted at the airport by so many friends and family just as eager 
to see Josh and Alethia step off of that plane as I was.

I had a hard time believing it was really going to happen.
Until she was in my arms I just couldn't allow myself to completely believe it.

We had setbacks from day one.
Nothing went as planned.
That's not entirely true though, is it.
It just didn't go as WE had planned.
But God graciously allowed us to see His hand all along the way,
and made a way for Alethia to make it home so I could safely give birth in America.
His timing was perfect.
His plan always is.

It was raining that day.
Just like it is today.
Reminding us that His love and faithfulness is constant,
even in the storms we have to go through.

(You can see more pictures of that day HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE)

As I reflect back today in thankfulness to Alethia's homecoming,
I can't help but think about Alethia's best friend (and now cousin) Chloe,
who is still in the throws of this process.
The red tape and politics will not allow her into America (yet).
But I know for a fact that God is sovereign.

The plan is already unfolding as we ourselves are challenged to evaluate our own lives.
As others prayer lives are brought to life.
As they move to a country with a faith and peace only HE can give.

We do not take lightly how fortunate we are to have had the ending we did.
It could be us moving to Uganda, and we know that.

What a story God allows us to tell in the midst of the hardships we face,
if only we can be faithful and focused to run this race strong.

To God be ALL the glory!
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