Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jude Warren - 11 Months

Jude Warren ~ 11 months

Still happy
Still content
Still sleeps well
Still eats well

More mobile
Pulls up without effort
Better at wrestling
Hardly ever cries when being treated like a baby by the girls
...or a horse by the boys;)

Does NOT like the word "no"
(what is it with our bathroom that he has a fascination with anyway?!)

Playing games is a favorite!
Tickling matches are a close second

Stealing food off his siblings plates and scavenging leftovers under the table are becoming a consistent activity

Preschool is getting a little more challenging when he is awake

He has been relocated from our closet to the boys room
This transition has been loved by all 
(except maybe the girls because they feel left out from all the cute Judisms that happen without them)

Clapping, throwing his head back in jolliness, dancing and "singing" are among his new activities.

Still a joy
Still a highlight of my day
Still a perfect little bookend to our not-so-little Colony.

Happy 11 months sweet Juju!

PS - You can stop growing now.  Crawling is fun, but lets just stop while we're ahead!
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