Tuesday, January 8, 2013

There Is No Telling What Could Happen

"Like a city whose walls are broken through
is a person who lacks self-control."
Proverbs 25:28

I don't know about you, but if I owned a big city I'd want big strong walls surrounding it.  I'd want to know that it was safe. I'd want to know what the plan of attack was if bad guys were coming.  I'd want to know where the weak links were so I could be prepared for what was coming.

Because we all know that if I owned a city and got lazy when the walls began to show signs of wear and tear, and didn't make the wall a priority, there would be no telling what could happen.

But what if I told you I do have something worth protecting.  I don't have a big city, but I do have a small Colony.  And I am that wall.  I am supposed to keep them safe and they should be aware of my human weaknesses so they can be prepared.

Not only am I (and Josh too, of course) the protectant wall around my small Colony, but I have to keep a strong wall around me for protection too, and the only way to keep that wall up is by spending time with/on it.

Layers of protection make the core stronger.

If I don't spend the time on my wall that I need to then I am more likely to have more weak spots in my wall and less self-control.

And when I lack self-control my kids won't feel safe and won't have a clue how or when they'll find another crack in their wall.

And if that happened, there is no telling what could happen.

Active relationship with Christ.
That's what keeps our wall standing strong.

PS-I know I'm not taking this verse in context, but this is where my mind went when I read it and it was a good reminder for me, so I thought I'd share in case you needed a little reminder too:)

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