Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not Me Monday (Not ON Monday) - Numb

I do NOT have problems with oral hygiene while pregnant.


I would NEVER go a week (or 3) without brushing my teeth because of the gagging that it would cause.

That's just gross.

Likewise, I don't have a sweet tooth.


I always eat organic vegetables.


Always organic.

Always vegetables.

Never cookie dough, brownie batter, and the kid's halloween candy.

Mrs. T does that, but NOT me.

Oh no.

Because if I did go that long without brushing, spending the majority of that time in Africa and I did have a "problem" with sweet, sugary, chocolaty food, I might get a cavity...or two.

And I am 33 years old, without EVER having a cavity.  And 33 year-olds don't get cavities.


At least NOT THIS 33-year old!

But if I ever DID get a cavity I would certainly not THOROUGHLY ENJOY the Nitrous Oxide because life would, in fact, feel as though it was on pause, making THIS POST much more attainable, ha!

~and just so we can all remember not to take ourselves too seriously~

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