Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY - Ethnic Hair Extensions

I will NEVER claim to be an expert on ethnic hair
but I AM learning!

Alethia LONGS for long hair.
(did you see what I did there?:)


and as soon as I saw a friend tweet pictures of her new "do" I just had to try it.

So, I went to Wal-mart and bought:
black yarn for about $1
art/craft beads for about $1.50
and I already had the rubberbands (under $2)

I cut the yarn into 8-9" pieces

Then I divided her hair into little sections
(just like I do for almost every other hairdo I try)

I took 3 strands of my pre-cut yarn and rubberbanded it to the root of each little section of hair.

I divided each small section of hair into 3 sections.
One for each strand of yarn.
Then I braided it all together.

The trick was to make the braid tight at the root and loosen as I go
so it doesn't look half the size once the hair runs out and only yarn is left.

Then, at the end of each braid I added a bead at the bottom.
Pulling the very end of the (yarn) braid through the hole and folding it up to the top of the bead.

The last step is to add another rubberband over the bead.

Then all you have to do is play around with different styles by adding ponytails and hair clips!
Because we all know that a hairstyle is only as good as the smile being worn with it:)

This took me about 5 hours on and off.
I know, a little overwhelming to think about, but I haven't had to touch it in almost a week!

I guess all those years of playing with My Little Pony hair is finally paying off!

P.S. She walks around bobbing her hair all sassy-like now that she has "long" hair...
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