Wednesday, November 14, 2012


For some reason I just can't get "life" to pause for even a split second for me.

Nope, it just keeps moving.

And the speed just keeps picking up pace.

Life has been so crazy here lately.

So much transition.  So much change.  So much...

We keep telling ourselves that this is just a season.

A crazy season.

But even when we finally get through this crazy season
we're going to be in the beginning stages of trying to navigate a brand new season.

We're ALWAYS in a season.

I tried to sit down and write out all my anxiety "triggers".  They were all just normal mom things.  Just a laundry list of to-do's.  Little to-do's.

But all the little to-do's pile up into an "always-doing-to-do's" and it gets just a bit overwhelming.

So I have had to resolve to the fact that life, in fact, is NEVER going to stop.
Never going to slow down.
Always have to-do's to do.
So, so many to-do's.

But I can't just freeze!

I just need to do SOMETHING.

So, I'm just gonna grab ONE thing from the life spinning all around me and work on that ONE thing today.

It may not get done.
It is NEVER done.
It always just keeps going.

But at least I'm moving.

Moving and praying and striving to thrive in the life God has given me.
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