Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Free-For-All

Well HELLO November!

Josh has been sick for weeks and FINALLY went to the Dr. this week.  He had some kind of lung infection...but is on some meds to knock it out.  As of yesterday HE IS BACK!  As in, he's out of that "sick haze", he is no longer exemplifying "a walker", and he is beginning to retain information that I say, again:)

Also, Jude is on the mend.  He has slept 3 consecutive nights in a row...which means that I have slept 3 consecutive nights in a row.  Hallelujah!

My entire being has been consumed with school this week.
It's Friday, which means that we made it through an entire week!  That alone is progress in my book.  It was definitely NOT pretty, but

Rainy is already into the swing of things.  Zeke...not so much, but I have complete faith that he'll get there.

It's been SO quiet around here without Rainy and Zeke!  I've decided that I need to write out some goals to accomplish during each day or else I just wander aimlessly around the house wondering what to do next.  I know that sounds weird.  I have 2 less kids in the house, yet am completely lost, ha!  I'm SURE it won't take long to adjust:)

Alethia, Cai and Jude, on the other hand, have had NO problem adjusting to their new roles of ruling the roost. I can't get over how well they all play together.  They play family ALL DAY.  The only thing I have to watch is that the entire house's contents don't end up in their "fort home".

Josh is headed out to another weekend retreat.  So thankful for work for him.
I had 2 Barbie Princesses, Captain America, Spiderman, Batman and Flash
Oh yeah, Happy Halloween!  When Rainy came home from school holding a "craft" she made that was a dead person's finger and told us she learned about "The Day Of The Dead", Josh and I just stared at each other as if to say, "wow, here we go...".  We felt a little better after looking up what the day stood for, but geez!  I guess Halloween week is a bad time to transition your kids from the sheltered homeschool life to public school, haha!

Alethia wasn't quite sure what to make of her first Trick-or-Treat experience.  She sure looked cute though.  We went with our friends the Mayhugh's.  They have 5 (1/2 - she's pregnant!) kids.  Needless to say, after each of our kids raided a house they had to immediately go restock.

Jude and his BFF, Isaac.  They had a fun time rubbing each others backs to sleep and sucking on their sister's suckers:)
Hope you have a GREAT weekend!
Happy Friday ya'll:)
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