Wednesday, October 31, 2012


One day of school down!

It was hard to walk away from Areyna's class as she stood there, lip quivering, trying to be brave.  Knowing that she was scared and sad, but KNOWING she was going to love it!

It was tough to sprint out of Zeke's class as he screamed and struggled to get out of the special resources teacher's arms (Mrs. Williams) to run after me.

It was strange to come home to 3 kids.  Three small kids.  Back to the season where rational thinking is limited and boundaries are continuously tested.

It was reassuring to get that phone call from Mrs. Williams saying that the screaming and freak-outs had ceased and about 2 hours later hearing Zeke's sweet voice on the phone saying he was okay and ready to go get settled in his class.

I also got a message from a friend whose children go to the same school.  She happened to see Rainy long enough to give her a big hug and observe her smiling and giggling in her class with her new friends.

*insert BIG sigh from both me and Josh*

I couldn't really get much accomplished the rest of the day.

The rest of the Colony played sweetly together, in and out of each other's rooms.  Working out situations within seconds.  Hardly any fighting.  The only crying I heard was when it was nap time:)

As soon as I finished baking Rainy and Zeke's 1st-day-of-school snack I headed over to go pick them up.

I had no idea what I was going to walk up to.

As I opened the door of the building I looked and looked for them but no frightened and screaming children stood out in the mass of children waiting for their parents to come pick them up.

I spotted Mrs. Williams.  She smiled and pointed to Rainy and Zeke sitting on the floor with the rest of the students, waiting patiently for me to get them!

The excited stories began before we even reached the car.

They were talking over each other to tell me all about their day.

By the time we got home they were WIRED!  They insisted on waking up Cai and Alethia.  Daddy was home sick, so it was a perfect time to debrief around the table together and eat our snack.

The stories continued on for quite a while.

Rainy is going to love school.  Her little friends and her decided on how to wear their hair to match the next day:)  It's a good thing it was braids to hide her still-greasy hair (even after 3 dawn dishsoap washings last night).

After talking AGAIN about how Alethia's hair stuff just won't work in HER hair I think it finally clicked that this greasy-ness wasn't normal.  A lightbulb went off in her head and she said, "Ooooohhh, THAT'S why the girls kept saying I had something wrong with my hair!"  She thought it was least one of us did, ha!

Zeke told us he saw Mrs. Williams 4 special times.  "1 time for a freak-out, another time for a freak-out, 1 time for not a freak-out and 1 time for not a freak-out."

After our snack time Zeke jumped off his chair and ran to give me a hug.  He said, "Mom, you KNEW I would like school!!! THANK YOU!!!"

First day success!

Day two and we already got the call (a little less than an hour in) that Zeke was okay and ready to finally go get settled in his class.

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