Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Free-For-All / Things To Click On

So, we just finished week 3 of school for Areyna and Zeke.  Overall it has been a good experience, but after the initial adjustment and then the "honeymoon" week, I'm pretty sure it is setting in that we are, in fact, sticking to this new normal...and it's been a bit rough this week.  Let's just say that we are SO glad that it is Friday, and that they get 2 days to regroup before heading back for another week.

I know it's a process.
It's always a process...

Oh my goodness, the amount of post-adoption paperwork seems never-ending.  There is always some fee to pay and some other form to fill out!  So worth it, but man, does it make me feel on edge that I'm going to do something wrong.

We went and got our pictures done for our christmas cards, ie-we called my sister-in-law who is a professional photographer, to come over before Alethia's birthday party, and snap a few shots of us all looking, ahem, presentable:)  They turned out SO good!
Just ONE of my favorites
I was lovingly informed that I was doing Alethia's hair wrong.  See, I told you I was NO expert and I am VERY teachable:)  Instead of rubber-banding the root of her braids, I will now be trying THIS.  It seems easy enough, and much more gentle on her hair and scalp.  Thank you Sunny!

This weekend is Josh's first weekend home in a month!  We are SO excited to have daddy here for our weekend so we can relax and have some much-needed family time. Can I get an "Amen" for bedtime routine help!

I have some friends of a friend who are really in a tough spot.  Tricia is fighting for her life, literally!  She has been battling CF her entire life, has already endured a double lung transplant, cancer, giving birth at 27 weeks to a now-healthy, beautiful little girl, and is now waiting to get back on the list for a second double lung transplant in order to save her life.  The odds are against her, but we know a God who can conquered death!

They need prayer.
They need encouragement.
They need a miracle.

You can read a summary of their remarkable story HERE.
You can pray.
You can encourage.
You can help be a blessing.

My friend, Patience, is hosting a trunk show and 100% of the profit will be going directly to this family to help provide for her critical medical care.
You can get all the information HERE. You have from now until Dec. 8th to shop online.

I have been completely and utterly overwhelmed and burdened by the goings on in Israel today.  There is something stirring in my heart...

Believers should be a praying people.
So, pray for Tricia and Nate.
Pray for Israel.
Pray for your family, friends and leaders...

and have a GREAT weekend!

Happy Friday Ya'll!
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