Friday, October 5, 2012

Looking Back : 10/05/11

Today was court day!  The day that we had been looking forward to for so long.

After waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

in a tiny room, with little airflow, and 4 kids, and roaches, and stinky stuffed animals that the kids INSISTED on snuggling with, and dubbed movies, 

we were told, after several hours, that the judge was not going to be coming in.

In fact, he wasn't even in the same district that day, or for that entire week, actually.

He'd been called out on business.

Not sure why we weren't told that the week before, or even upon arriving earlier that morning.  Not sure how you can just "not show up" for appointments YOU'VE made.

But we held it together and celebrated our happy hearts with ice cream anyway!

So, we wait some more.


We were learning more about African culture.
We were learning more about patience.
We were learning more about waiting.
We were learning more about Alethia...
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