Thursday, October 4, 2012

Looking Back : 10/04/11

We loaded up the car and traveled the streets of Kampala to get all our preliminary errands done (ie-medical check-up, visa photos, passport photos, etc.) before our court hearing the following morning.

We were also attempting to keep our homeschooling going while in Uganda.  Josh had a cute little update video he posted at the guesthouse in Kampala.

Also, a hand-washing 101 video.  Now THAT is something I DO NOT miss at all!  A family of 6 with 4 dirty children...every day, ha!

But the thing that I most remember about this day last year was the growth in Josh and Shabila's relationship.  You may remember the fear she used to have around him (I know, you would NEVER guess it watching them now!)...but this day marked a breakthrough!

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