Thursday, September 6, 2012

When The Bed Bugs Bite

Josh:"Babe, look at my arm?  I've got a half dozen little bites up and down my left arm."

~Two days later~

While laying in bed having some pillow talk (which I HIGHLY recommend to every married couple!):
Josh: "I am SO itchy!"
Me: "Me too.  I just got 2 bites on my arm before you laid down and now one on my right hand.  What in the world?!"

Getting out of bed.
Turn on the light.
Looking all around in the sheets.
Inspection shows nothing.
Turn on bright room light.
Strip bed.
Take off mattress pad.
Inspect some more.
Flip mattress.
Get on all fours to get a closer look.

Aha...a tiny little bug of some sort.

Get on google images to see what a bed bug looks like (which I DO NOT highly recommend if you are trying to stop that itching sensation all over your body in the middle of the night!)

Reside to the fact that we most likely have bed bugs.

Begin first load of laundry in EXTRA HOT WATER.

Pack up the necessities to camp out on the floor in the living room (ie. fan).
Shut off the contaminated area for further inspection and investigation from a professional in the morning.

Make a pallet on the floor because we are too lazy to blow up the air mattress.
Toss and turn.
Roll over and over.
Try to get comfortable.
Silent cursing...
Get up, again.
Blow up mattress.
Make the bed.
Almost asleep.
Realize we left the baby near the contaminated sight...

8am came too early.
Laundry load 2.
At some point 5 children were fed but somehow that is all a blur.
More coffee.
Laundry load 3.

The bug man comes to assess.
No trace of bed bugs anywhere.
Apparently you are supposed to save the victim in a baggie for the professional.
And, don't wash the sheets until they are also inspected by a professional.
He believes we must have only had 1 or 2 and that it could have been ANYTHING.
Hopefully we washed away the problem.
Instructed us to call him in the morning if we had any other problems.

I'm not sure what happened to my Wednesday, but it is now Thursday and we slept great last night!

It must have been a bad dream...

...but at least all the sheets are clean and the room smells like fresh laundry detergent.
That never hurts:)

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