Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Follow-Up To My Content Life

Last week I wrote about the secret to being content in the seasons God has placed you in.

I swore to you that I was a work in progress
and that my days are not perfect just because I have embraced and owned my calling:)

Just to prove it I'm going to paint a picture of how yesterday began...

Cai woke up at the wrong time, as Zeke calls it. AKA - on the wrong side of bed:)  He has been going through a really tough time lately.  I call it a "mid-toddler crisis".  That's a whole other post though.

Zeke was freaking out about something (big surprise).

Alethia was mad and wouldn't make eye contact because she didn't want oatmeal for breakfast again.

Jude was grunting for another bite of applesauce.


Areyna was just waiting to see what my reaction was going to be...

Sometimes I am simply at a loss for words as I catch myself just staring at The Colony, dumbfounded by the chaos that is surrounding me.

Other times I fight back like a 6-year-old, but I'd NEVER admit that one, ha!

But yesterday I decided to vanish (That's one of Rainy's vocabulary words.  You like how I added that in there:).

Mommy just left the building.

Yup, gone!

But don't worry, "Matilda" came and saved the day.

"Who is Matilda", you ask?
I'm glad you asked:)
She is a German cafeteria worker, who was nameless until about 4 minutes ago when I decided she needed a true identity.

As soon as mommy left the building Matilda appeared out of nowhere and began to sing about the awesome day it WAS going to be!

Then, every time the tension began to rise in the house, she began speaking in her lovely, thick German accent that is only understood after being repeated several times.

In fact, whenever Matilda began to speak, the grumpy faces could only TRY to hide the smiles and giggles that couldn't help but come through.

She was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Matilda stayed around much of the day.  She stopped melt-downs in their track.  She made going to nap-time a game.  She even made sitting on the potty an eager experience!

Let me know if you need Matilda's contact info.  I highly recommend her!


I'm beginning to think she had beginners luck.  Her magic hasn't worked quite as well today:(

I've been going through my little book of friends to see who else I can ask to come over for a visit.

This parenting job really keeps you on your toes.
There's never a dull moment.  Never:)
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