Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jude Warren - 7 Months

Jude Warren ~ 7 Months
18.0 lb
Jude is 7 months.

I know I say this every month, but I'm serious, could he ALREADY be 7 months?!

His little personality is really beginning to blossom.

He eats like a champ.
He grunts the entire time he is eating.
It's oh-so-cute, but man does it make family devotions at the dinner table nearly impossible, ha!

He still sleeps like a champ.
Although he has had 2 growth spurts this month which has required one of those half-awake/half-asleep feedings.
I may or may not have woken myself up head-nodding a time or two:)

He has become quite the Puffs addict!
He looks so cute scooping them into his palm and actually accomplishes getting a few in his mouth every so often.

I've mentioned how he loves to sleep with his head squished in the corner of his bed.  In fact, the nursery workers learned that he is much more content to fall asleep if they wrap his blanket on top of his head like a turban:)  I can always spot him quickly when I walk by his class on Sunday mornings to check on him.

Jude is my only child who has been true to size in the clothing department.  I just now moved him to 6-9 month clothes.

He has gotten so squirmy!
I'd put him to sleep in the corner of his bed only to find him awake and knocking his head on the bottom of the changing table.
Therefore, we had to lower his bed down:(
He's not quite sure what to do with all that room in there now.

Thankfully he is still stationary, but man is he antsy to be crawling around with the rest of the Colony!
I've caught him catapulting forward to reach the other kid's toys from a sitting position, and he is pretty good at pivoting on his belly.
The little incident with Zeke's Iron Man mask was enough to gain awareness among the Colony to begin keeping valuables out of Jude's reach.

His two teeth have come in quite nicely...I know that for certain;)

We are still very much in love with this sweet boy!
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