Monday, July 23, 2012

Not Me Monday

Before I had kids I said that my kids would NEVER sit and watch TV (or movies, or play on the computer) all day.

Then I had kids.

Yup, 5 to be exact.

And sometimes a little movie or some computer games are what help me keep my sanity.

But we try not to have the tube turned on all the time.  You may even hear the kids talk about how they don't want their brain to turn to mush from sitting on their booties all day and watching TV.

So, after laying down the law about our new computer/tv/misc. technology privileges for the upcoming school year, our kids would be totally fine with the new boundaries.


They wouldn't come whining about not being able to watch their Batman movies for "a long time".

Oh no.
They always accept new rules and boundaries with joyous hearts.

Because, if some resistance with this new rule occurred, the dad might have to do a "head examination" on that young lad, by gently squeezing around the top of the cranium where EVERYBODY knows the brain gets the mushiest from watching too much TV.

And that wouldn't happen in this house.

We are always serious.

So serious, in fact, that the most sensitive child, after getting a positive brain-mushiness diagnosis from watching too much TV, would be brought to tears in fear that his mushy brain might never go back to its normal density.

And that might cause a slight freak-out.

And that would NEVER happen in this house.

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