Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Free-For-All

I don't think I've EVER gone this long between posts before.

Even after having babies and traveling'd think I had like 5 kids and a husband traveling the world or something, ha!

It really has been a...week.

Josh had a great trip to Haiti and he came back with a fresh eternal perspective and urgency to live a life of urgency for Christ.  The colony sure did miss him though.

I am in the final stages of school prep for the oldest 4.  I feel 90% ready, but I'm not really sure how it's all going to play out.  There's only 1 of me and only 1 of them who can read so far...should be interesting, but I really am excited!

Micaiah is pretty much potty-trained!  I couldn't be more thrilled.  He even stays dry most of the time while he's sleeping.  Nonnie and G-daddy took him out to Target with big boy undies on with NO ACCIDENTS.  I see a mommy/Cai date in the near future.  A do foresee a problem though.  He wants Mickey Mouse undies, but by "Mickey" he really means "Minnie" and I've just never seen "Minnie Mouse" BOY undies before.  We may have to get creative, ha!
 Jude got a surprise in the mail this week.  My friend, Rita Polk, makes the CUTEST MONSTERS EVER!  I saw her posting pictures of the progress of one she was making a month or so ago and asked how I could get one.  She sent me a link, let me pick out the size/pattern and yarn.  She custom made Monster just for Jude and we LOVE him!  You should go support her and get your own:)  It is excellently (not sure if that is actually a word) made.

The big Raleigh Kid's Exchange was this week.  It took me over an hour to set out all the stuff I was selling.  It took me over two hours to find all the things on my list to pick up and just over one hour waiting in line to check out.  It's a lot of work, but I came out with the best stuff ever this time around.  It's usually pretty overwhelming to me, but this year I didn't feel rushed and had no expectations (I was mainly going to get some fairy wings for Cai, don't ask, and costumes for the colony) or pressured to come back with tons of stuff.  That, plus the fact that I got a break from 5 little mommy shadows made the experience pretty enjoyable actually:)
I got out with Cai's birthday presents, some Christmas presents, Areyna's entire wardrobe and shirts and jammies for the boys.  They should all be set for the next season or 2!  I also found a $1 costume for Zeke, some beautiful pink feathery fairy wings for Cai for $2, some puzzles for the school room which were between $1 - $2, and Super Woman and Wonder Woman costumes for the girls which were between $3 -$4!  There were a few other little finds as well.  I was pretty stoked after it was all said and done.

Well, I think that catches you up on my past week...shew!

Happy Friday ya'll:)
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