Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In The Still Of The Night

I usually don't have a problem sleeping when Josh is out of town.

I can try to sound super-spiritual and say that it's because I am completely at peace knowing that Josh is in God's hands...

...but it's really because I get to sprawl out over the ENTIRE bed, and burrow in all the pillows, ha!

That being said, I've really had a hard time sleeping this week and I'm not sure why.

Last night around 2:30 in the morning I heard Jude stirring, because, yes, he is still in our closet:)

The first signs were his little fingernails scratching the sides of the pack-n-play.

Then he started rocking back and forth.

Before I knew it he had rolled over onto his back and was playfully kicking his feet on the bottom of his bed.

Then he began to talk to himself.

It was honestly one of the cutest things to listen to.

But then, because he STILL has not figured out how to roll back onto his stomach to fall back asleep, his little coos turn into little whimpers, and then the little whimpers became a firm call out to mommy for help.

As I leaned my head over his bed and quietly talked about not playing in bed at night (that's a joke ya'll) I smothered him with a few kisses and rolled him back over and we both went back to sleep.

It just reminded me of how Jesus is always listening to us.  He's always there.  He will always come to our rescue.

Parenting always has a way of tenderly reminding me of how much our great God truly loves us!
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