Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let's Bring Chloe Home

Alethia and Chloe - 2011

Meet Chloe Laiti Via.  

She is Alethia's best friend from the Babies Home in Uganda 
and is very quickly going to become COUSIN Chloe! 

Without sharing too much information, as they are still waiting on several steps to be completed, 
I wanted to share a very BIG need!  

Josh's brother, Jonathan (Smooth), and his wife, Kelly, will be heading back to Uganda in 5 DAYS!!!!  Prayerfully they will be bringing back Chloe with them this time.  
(Their first trip was for their court hearing.)

Their trip is falling right before the main travel season, and as many of you know, airline tickets overseas tend to skyrocket during the summer.  
This factor, among others, has made their adoption expenses a bit more than expected.  
They are estimating that they need to raise an additional $4000 to cover all of their in-country expenses!

After speaking with Jonathan and Kelly and getting permission to share their need, I am taking it upon myself personally to see this through!  Sure, $4000 is a BIG amount of money, but like we have seen through our journey, NOTHING IS TOO BIG FOR GOD!!!

We have set up a page on Facebook where you can go to donate directly to their adoption!  
EVERY PENNY will go to help bring sweet Chloe home!

Let's bless this growing family who is stepping out in faith and obedience, no matter what the cost, to bring Chloe home as their own!

There is NO REASON why we can't step up and be the church and provide exactly what they need!
Let's blow their socks off!

I'd LOVE to see them get this $4000 goal met by MONDAY NIGHT!

How freeing it would be to have their expenses covered and be able to focus on the thing that matters most...BRINGING THEIR DAUGHTER, CHLOE, HOME!

HERE is a link to Chloe's page!
First, go donate ANY AMOUNT YOU CAN,
and then SHARE IT!

~You can also just click the GIVE button at the bottom of this post!~

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