Friday, May 4, 2012

Lessons From The Classroom - April 2012

Zeke: Zeke finished up his "reading" books this month but still can't retain the sounds and their names so we are getting creative.  I found a GREAT website with fun activities to help reinforce the letter concepts.  We have been making roads out of letters and he will write the letters with his Squinky cars (YES! We've finally found a purpose for those little...things) or "fly" the letters like a superhero.  I'm not sure if he's grasping them, but at least he's having fun:)

Although he is still struggling with a couple of his shapes he sure can count!  This boy can do simple addition in a flash!  I love seeing his excitement when his brain does what he wants it to:)
Monthly Memory Verse
Timeline about Hans Christian Andersen's Life
 In group time last month we studied Hans Christian Andersen and Beverly Cleary.  We read through their works The Little Mermaid and Ralph S Mouse.  Zeke and Areyna BOTH love that reading time together.

Read, Read, Read 
 You'd think I just brought home a cuddly little pet when I walk in the door from going to the library to get new books!  These kids have been LOVING some book time:)
We've been reading through Beatrix Potter, a personal childhood favorite of mine.  We finished up that book and moved on to Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly Cleary.  The kids LOVE that quiet reading time...well most of them;)

Areyna: She learned many new concepts this month but one thing she really enjoyed was measuring. She even surprised me and figured out some pretty tough problems I added into her lesson:)
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