Monday, May 7, 2012

Not Me Monday

Since Cai IS potty trained (HA!), he would NEVER have an accident in his diaper at the park.

Nope, not MY son!

But even if he WERE to have an accident, his daddy would NEVER just disregard it, even though you could smell the "accident" a mile away.

Oh no, not MY husband.

I would NEVER find that the horrible stench wafting in front of my face every few seconds was, in fact, my own son, who was now swinging, ever so nonchalantly, airing his "accident" for all to smell.


And, as if that wouldn't be enough to embarrass any mother at a public park,

I would NEVER go to push my sweet son "one more time" only to realize that the accident, was no longer just a stench, but being "shared" as my son swung high up above me leaving traces of his "accident" all over my hands, and the swing with which he was enjoying.

Nope, that just would NEVER happen to me.  

That would bring too much attention to me...and I just LOVE everybody staring at me...uh-huh...

But if that were to happen in this VERY public park, I would NEVER just stop the swing and look frantically around for help, not knowing exactly what to do.

Nope, I ALWAYS react with the reflexes of a cat!

And since I ALWAYS react with these cat-like reflexes, I would NEVER just take him off the swing, hoping nobody noticed the "accident" oozing out of the top of my sons shirt into his curly hair as I quickly wipe the swing down...lay him down, using the wood chips on the ground to absorb the "accident" long enough for me to wipe him down and get a clean diaper on him.

Nope, nobody would EVER suspect a thing...especially when they saw my son walking around the rest of the afternoon looking like this because his mama forgot an extra change of clothes.
Nope, never happened!
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