Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy Week - 2012

In spite of my unrealistic "Holy Expectations" we did have a great Holy Week!  We did have a few fits and tantrums glitches and it was less than glamorous, but it was awesome to see the light turning on in Areyna and Zeke's minds as they remembered Holy Weeks past and helped teach their younger siblings the true meaning of Easter:)

I had several other fun things planned and even other things we DID do that I forgot to bust the camera out on, but lets face it, I'm lucky to get a shower in these days:)

Cleaning Day
Representing how we need to keep our hearts clean in preparation for Christ.

Resurrection Cookies
This is a fun activity to read out of scripture about the death and resurrection.
Poor Rainy learned first hand how much a beating can hurt when she smashed her fingers.
(I'll post the recipe you've been asking for soon, I promise:)

Planting Seeds
Representing the death and resurrection and NEW LIFE!
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