Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun Facts For Friday

I believe we have another musician to add to the family band!  Alethia LOVES music.  I think it is so awesome to see how the Lord matched her with our family.  He makes NO mistakes:)

Josh has been flying out to lead worship at Fellowship Memphis off and on for a while now.  This time they are letting me come!  I'm pretty excited to go.  I'll get to see some friends I haven't seen in years, so that's just an added bonus to the excitement.  Jude is coming with us and we have 3 shifts of friends/family coming in to help with the older four.  When you get beyond 3 kids it's funny how you feel the need to break up the mass of children or the amount of time for the loving individual(s) coming to bless you by watching your brood:)

Yesterday I did something that I don't think I've EVER done simultaneously.  I sat outside, watched the kids play and read a book in the sunshine.  Yup, I still had Chapatti to make for dinner and a floor to vacuum, but I decided to forgo the chores for a while to bask in the sun and enjoy my kids and a good read.  You may be laughing at how I consider that a breakthrough, but this is a big deal for this mama who obsessively cleans house and can't sit still, even to watch a family movie:)

That's it for now, as it's time to get the children out of their rooms.  The growling and squealing is getting a little out of control:)

Happy Friday ya'll!
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