Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thoughts From The Deep...And The Not-So-Deep

I can't get my mind to calm down long enough to formulate the dozens of half-written posts that I've got brewing in my mind, but I always focus better after writing things down.  Hence the reason that I blog so frequently:)

Josh gets so far behind on my blog and jokes that I need to give my blog readers a break every once in a while, ha!

First things first, I have officially entered the 21st century!  The 12th of April marks the day that we could upgrade.  It was quite a day in history. I retired my trusty, old flip phone for an iPhone.  Isn't it beautiful!  I can now group text my girlfriends back AND my alarm will go off at other times besides being stuck at 6:30am!  I have to admit about being a little giddy about the whole ordeal, but come on, it's a kind of 1st world excited that's worth mentioning.  Actually, not just 1st world people get iPhones.  Half of the Ugandans we met had iPhones before me, ha!

Josh and I had a blast in Memphis together!  We ate the best ribs I've ever tasted, along with visiting some other great eating joints.  Boy, those Memphinians LOVE them some food:)  Jude did rather well, considering he spent the majority of his time in the car seat or carrier.  He enjoyed the plane rides for the most part too.  He giggled the entire time we took off, but spit up the entire time we landed.  I've heard that is quite common.  There was a pediatrician on board one of our flights.  He looked back at us just as we were putting some earphones up to Jude's ears to calm his fussiness with some black gospel music from our setlist.  He almost instantly stopped crying and calmed down for the rest of the flight.  The pediatrician later told us that he was REALLY impressed and was going to share our little "trick" with his patients/families!
You would be SO surprised at some of the conversations that were started as a result of our traveling with a baby.  I felt like I needed a sign on my forehead that said something like, "It's OK, I am a mother of five!" or "I've got 4 others and they turned out just fine thank you".

The other kids did fine with the multiple shifts while we were gone, but I don't think we are going to do it again...I think it was a little too much on the emotionally unstable one(s);)

Oh, here is a FREE tip for your parenting journals - if you have a child who tries to make a "statement" by pooping in their pull-up when they KNOW that they need to poop in the potty, all you have to do to nip that little "reaction" is to strip them down, take them outside and hose them off with cold water.  They'll be shouting, "Me poopie in POTTY!!!" before they even get all the stink off of them:)  Not that we EVER have problems like that in our house.  But who am I kidding, I'm sure you don't either...


Since I have an iPhone now I can get fun little apps that help with day-to-day life.  One such helpful app is called MyFitnessPal.  Josh has been using it for a few months and now I get to join him!  You can sign-up for FREE and it helps you calculate your calories and food intake.  It's as eye opening as tracking your money by using cash.  Just for a good laugh I'll tell you about my first day.  I set up my account saying that I am 5' and 121lb.  I told the program that I'd like to lose 2 lb. a week and try to get down to an average weight for a person my height, which is 110.  After putting all my meals and snacks in for that first day this is what my weight-calculator said:
Yup, if every day were like my first day I'd actually GAIN 7 pounds, hahahaha!!!  Needless to say, I've been getting a lot better at making my calories count.  It's only saying I'll gain 3 pounds now:)

OK, I feel better now.

Here's to a more formulated post tomorrow:)

Happy Tuesday ya'll!
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